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Chip “Bronco Billy” Rosenbloom

Chip Rosenbloom is a talented filmmaker and songwriter, but Bronco Billy was his first musical production. Bronco Billy was also the first musical production of the Skylight Theatre Company (STC). Before the debut, Bronco Billy had been only a dream of Chip and others as they approached STC’s Gary Grossman with a unique approach to the 1980 movie of the same name, Bronco Billy.

The essence of the musical, Bronco Billy, reveals an emotional journey of discovery and life. This path encourages the ability to design our own destiny and to be whatever our hearts desire. Bronco Billy brings joy to the journey and leaves the house excited to weave the future instead of accepting so-called fate.

Chip Rosenbloom and John Torres wrote the music and lyrics for Bronco Billy the musical. Musicals have a crucial need for some amazing lyrics, tempos that nail the mood, and melodies that can haunt or fill the heart with delight. The positive message in the story is refreshing. There’s no lack of musical genius in this production.

One of the most alluring experiences about the debut at Skylight Theatre Company was the quaint feel of the theatre. Rather than playing for an audience of thousands, Bronco Billy had its première for a house of 75.



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