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 How Gary Mcgaghey Has Helped CFOs Achieve Successful Financial Operations for Their Respective Companies

Gary McGaghey recently explained how the CFOs future might look in 2021 with the numerous changes expected to occur with the new Biden administration. Mr. McGaghey is popularly known for his executive position as CFO at Williams Lea Tag, owned by two private equity firms. As the CFO, Gary McGaghey handles all company’s financial activities, including cost restructuring, acquisitions, mergers, and carve-outs.

Having obtained his professional career from the University of Natal and the University of South Africa, Mr. McGaghey has explained the top six topics other CFOs should focus on during the COVID-19 pandemic. With his extensive experience as CFO, Mr. McGaghey has offered his insights on how CFOs can balance their ESG roles in their companies and adapt to economic changes occurring due to Biden’s administration.

According to Gary McGaghey, CFOs should embrace new upcoming and trending technology, automatically redefining their purpose and future growth in their organizations. CFOs will transition to a hybrid work model by embracing new technology, preserving corporate culture, encouraging mentorship, and creating innovative opportunities for employees, shareholders, and stakeholders.

According to Mr. McGaghey, technology is the new driving force for business transformation and should be the CFOs top priority in the new digital era of 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies’ revenue was significantly reduced, requiring CFOs to make decisions that will unlock new revenue streams for their companies. For the last 12 months since 2020, most companies have increased their revenue courtesy of their CFOs considerably.

Gary McGaghey acknowledges that CFOs should focus on creating excellent customer strategies, scenario planning, and rebuilding their company’s revenue, automatically improving efficiencies and growth for their companies. Through Mr. McGaghey’s advice, CFOs understand what can help necessitate their company’s success through their excellent and professional financial services.

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