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How Vijay Eswaran led to the success of QI Group of Businesses

Vijay Eswaran is the best businessperson and a thought leader in the Asian region. He was very instrumental in the inception of significant business operations in the late 1990s. He decided to take a different route and despised the conservative business operation at that time. He began an e-commerce business that later became the QI Group of companies.

QI Group of companies

After collaborating with other business-minded people, Vijay incepted an ecommerce in the region. The business has now grown to become one of the leading businesses in the entire area. It has several companies under it. It deals in direct selling, retail business, real estate services, financial service, and education facilities as if the leading university in the region has its operations from this colossal business.

The business has evolved into the largest city in the region. It has employed over 2000 people while others benefit indirectly through direct selling. With its robust operations, QI Group has opened several functions throughout the globe with physical offices in over 30 countries and direct selling attached to other firms.

Vijay Eswaran and his philanthropic donations

Other than business, Eswaran is a prominent philanthropist who puts other people’s needs at heart. He has committed 10 percent of his income to help the needy through RHYTHM Foundation. The foundation aims to meet sustainable development goals, especially gender equity, sustainable community development, and quality primary education.

He is a believer in youth development hence runs youth-friendly programs. He even established Quest University to meet the educational needs of the youths in Malaysia. Currently, the university has admitted over 2000 students from over 30 countries.

Due to these outstanding philanthropic efforts, Vijay Eswaran has received several business, leadership, and philanthropy awards. Forbes, among other prominent media houses, has featured him. He also talks on various topics through his articles and in different media houses upon invitation. Learn more: https://www.concordia.net/community/vijay-eswaran/

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