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Insurance Office of America’s Co-Founder John Ritenour Gives Insights On A Variety Of Insurance Options

Insurance Office of America (IOA) is true to its philosophy, which dates back to over three decades ago when John Ritenour and his wife, Valli Ritenour, co-founded the company. This couple aimed to offer its consumers a variety of options that provide quality insurance packages. The insurance veteran had just quit working for insurance companies, and so he was loaded with ideas.

John Ritenour came up with a structure and strategies to formulate and divide various liability coverages to cater to personal and business needs. Some of the policies include the property and vehicle insurance packages. These two are well known to consumers as all the insurance companies offer them. The vehicle insurance coverage includes basic and comprehensive coverages for auto, while the property insurance caters to homeowners’ and renters’ insurance.

Ritenour and his team of experts also brought on board the individual insurance. This insurance has various coverages under life insurance, protection against lawsuits at work or home, and coverage of valuables like jewels, sterling silver, antiques, craft, and artworks. The IOA’s select business insurance caters to an easy package for both personal and business consumer needs, all under one umbrella. The business coverage caters to damages resulting from vandalism, hurricanes, fire, and floods.

With its professional liability coverage attached, losses that occur due to errors and omissions are covered. Ritenour points out that the launched package was due to heavy business losses resulting from cybercrimes. These include hacking, malware, and cyber-attacks where businesses are fleeced millions of dollars by online scumbags.

IOA knows where the thorn hurts most; specific industries. John Ritenour and his crew knew that this is a group ignored by many insurance companies. It touches on sectors that require policies for worker’s compensation and business liabilities. Worker compensation is now mandatory coverage in the states. It helps cover medical expenses resulting from injuries at the workplace. The package is for both businessmen and their staff. Also, when the workers lose wages due to injuries, they are compensated. That bails the company out of such losses. Business liability insurance favors all companies by covering them against labor-related lawsuits and other liabilities. John Ritenour’s IOA is a one-stop pick-up insurance firm. Refer to this article to learn more

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