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Isidoro Quiroga: Chilean Businessman

Recently, Isidoro Quiroga sold another successful business after being known for doing this periodically. He’s from Chile and had previously founded the company Aseosorias e Inversiones. This time, he made a sale on the company Enphase Energy, which is a company based in California. He sold it for $819 billion U.S. This came to a profit of around $735 million.

The company Emphase Energy specializes in home energy systems, including solar energy. Isidoro Quiroga bought the company in 2018 for just $20 million. He also invested heavily in the bonds from the sale.

Mr.Quiroga made a total investment of around $84 million. He sold it for ten times that number, proving he knows how to make a serious profit. This particular sale isn’t exactly his first-time int in the market, however, nor does he show any signs of stopping his approach any time soon.

For example, in the year 2017, he sold the company Australis Seafoods. Isidoro Quiroga sold the company to a Chinese company specializing in salmon called Joyvio. It’s actually a subsidiary of Lenovo. It wasn’t a huge sale based on the market, but he still made a considerable amount on it, more than companies like Agrosuper that bought AquaChile, for example.

While he had the company Australis Seafoods, he helped bring them through a major catastrophe. There was a virus affecting Salmon in that year, called ISAv, or Salmon Anemia. The virus had a seriously negative effect on other companies within Chile and Canada that year, to the point that these companies almost went bankrupt.

Mr.Quiroga, however, was able to create a production model that was sustainable and that made it through the viral die-off. Mr. Quiroga is clearly unafraid of investing wherever, even outside of his native Chile, giving him an advantage in terms of investment. He still invested heavily in Chile, however, and invested in the stock market in Chile including for places like Banco de Chile, Telefonica, Entel, SQM, Endessa, and many others. He further invested in companies focused on mining such as Minera Fuego or Valle Escondido.

Always diversifying his portfolio, he invested in other places nearby such as a wine company near Argentina and an olive oil plantation. These days, Mr. Quiroga runs his investments through a family office called Inversiones Benjamin. When he started businesses specializing in oregano it was just the beginning of branching out to areas like the U.S.

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