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LifeWave Reviews Attracts The Attention Of Medical Experts Across The Globe

LifeWave has been on the news headlines within the past few months.

The health and wellness firm has captured the attention of many after a video of a cancer survivor went viral on social media claiming that the company has treated him for cancer.

This has raised eyebrows across the globe after many people wanted to understand more about what the company does.

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This has also attracted the attention of medical specialists from the United States.

Dr. Paul J. Christo is a professional medical officer from one of the major medical institutions in the United States whose attention has been caught by the LifeWave review patches.

Note that Christo is specialized in treating pain and is considered one of the best doctors in the United States.

The patches have been made from phototherapy technology, which has been in existence for the [past few years.

This means that there is nothing new on this treatment method but only detailed research on how and innovation on the same idea.

Christo took his time to go and meet the founder and the president of LifeWave to extract more info about the viral video spread all over social media.

He met David Schmidt, the president of the firm, and Suzanne Somers, who is the new cancer ambassador of the company.

Somers is a cancer survivor who was seen on social media expressing her joy courtesy of the company.

The survivor has written numerous best-selling books expressing her cancer journey and how she has benefited from LifeWave Patches.

She explained further the contribution of the patches to her current health condition and how she has been in recent days.

Dr Christo got an opportunity to interview Schmidt’s storyline behind the patches and how they collaborate with the human body.

Schmidt explained further detail and the idea behind the innovation and how it has helped individuals suffering from chronic pain.

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