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Matthew Fleeger: The Man behind the Gulf Coast Western Brand

Matthew FleegerBefore joining Gulf Coast Western, Matthew was the Vice President of Exploration for Seadrill, the world’s largest owner of offshore drilling rigs, where he was instrumental in a number of its successful seismic and drilling campaigns. In this regard, Matthew gained a deep understanding of the in-depth technologies that oil and gas companies are always looking for. Furthermore, he has extensive operational experience in the offshore industry, having worked for various drillers.

Matthew brings a wealth of experience from the private sector to his new position as President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western. His career experience includes his time as the Vice President of United States Oil and Gas and several management positions within FMC Technologies, Hess Corporation, and Amerada Hess Corporation.

Matthew was responsible for negotiating over $1 billion of oil and gas transactions in the U.S. throughout the decade. He was very active in the business management of both public and private companies, including the Managed Resource Group and Patco, Inc.

Prior to joining hands with Gulf Coast Western, Matthew founded his own business, Reagent Investments, LLC, in 2006. The company advises customers on acquiring and owning oil and gas interests. As president and CEO,Fleeger has overseen the successful acquisition of Trican Well Service Ltd., a leading supplier of oilfield services in Western Canada, which represents one of the largest transactions ever completed by a Canadian company in the oilfield services space.

Matthew Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western has underwritten more than $1.5 billion in financings in the Canadian Oil and Gas Sector. Matthew Fleeger has been the President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western since 2010 and has had a vast effect on the company’s growth in the United States and abroad.

Matthew Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western has increased its employment to over 14,000 and increased its revenue by over $1.5 billion since Matthew assumed leadership. Under his leadership, Gulf Coast Western is developing all of its acreages and still operates at a full capacity.

Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger, CEO of Gulf Coast Western owns two major petroleum companies in the Gulf Coast region: The GSC Southwest Oil and Gas Company and GSC Gulfcoast Oil and Gas Company. When Fleeger joined the company in 1995, it had no assets, had never drilled a successful oil and gas well, and had only sold a few hundred tons of saltwater disposal.

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