In recent days, United States has introduced a bill suggesting 37 million green cards in the first ten years of his administration. The U.S. Citizenship Act would also grant amnesty to over 11 million immigrants in the United States. The White House aims to allow employers to import cheap foreign workers. It also seeks for the immigrants to contribute fully to the economy in general and keep families together. The bill also includes expansion of the existing employment system in the U.S. The bill will have some significant impacts on the sectors of employment based on green cards.

The U.S. Citizenship Act suggests an increase in the number of green card grants from 140,000 to 170,000. Moreover, it would give access to 10,000 green cards per year for regional development by creating a 5- year pilot program. Finally, students who earn a Ph.D. in a STEM field in the United States will receive green cards in unlimited proportions. Additionally, the law will allow minor children and spouses of employment-based immigrants to get exempted from the annual cap.

The changes will get broken down in the coming years. Each year 140,000 green cards with 20,000 reserved for foreign investors and special immigrants. Based on employment preferences, 120,000 green cards are equally distributed. The government also offers a reserve for skilled and unskilled workers.

In addition, the bill seeks to give unskilled workers over 30,000 green cards—each green card it’s allowed to sponsor their minor children and spouse. Primary workers got given over 65,550 green cards compared to 74,450 given to family members. With the bill, nearly 105,000 more foreign workers would be sponsored by employers each year. More than 11,000 international students have received a Ph.D. in a STEM field from a U.S school in the past ten years. Fortunately, this news got well received as the students are assured of their long stay while pursuing their dreams.

NumbersUSA is an anti-immigration organization. They work hard to reduce the amount of legal and illegal immigrants into the U.S. The organization has been in existence since 1997 and it was founded by Roy Beck. NumbersUSA is a non-profit organization that normally raises tens of millions annually to help their cause.

Since NumbersUSA joined the field of advocacy groups, everything that the organization has been trying to put through the country has been geared towards coming up with reasonable immigration policies that can help change the way the country has been handling this issue for a number of years while at the same time coming up with some tangible policies that can easily be used by those who have the power to change policies into laws.

Through its civil forums: NumbersUSA Action and NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation, it enlightens the public, leaders, and policymakers on dangers posed by high immigration numbers on environmental, economic, and American Quality of Life. Read this article for more information.


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