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Peter Briger, one of Fortress’s top gurus and a compassionate man at heart

They say life begins at forty and for Peter Briger, that phrase applies perfectly because, at the age of forty-three, Peter Briger had already achieved milestones and was not only a billionaire but a billionaire ranking #317 on The Forbes top 400 business professionals list. He has a net worth of over one billion and his  name turns heads whenever mentioned thanks to his sheer prowess in whatever he touches. Peter began building his career at Princeton University where he received his BA and went on to further sharpen his skills at Wharton, the University of Penn where he received his MBA. He later moved to Goldman Sachs &Co where he worked for one and a half decades as a partner. During this period, Peter Briger specialized in an area most investors dislike and even refer to as trash business, which is purchasing assets considered worthless, revamping them and selling them at a profitable price. Most investors shy away from such business as it not only involves a lot of work and takes a lot of time but is also highly risky because they can never be sure whether the refurbished asset will sell at a reasonable price as most buyers prefer something new over second hands and more

However, Peter Briger is sufficient proof that even though it is risky, it is highly possible to excel in this area of business. His time at Goldman empowered him with skills and the expertise required to be in big business and in 2002, armed with fifteen years of experience in undervalued assets, real estate, and credit business, Peter moved to Fortress Investment group where he began his career at the managerial level. He displayed exemplary skills and was soon appointed co-chairman and principal of Fortress's credit and real estate division. Since then he has continued to expand the horizons of the business and contributes majorly to the expansion of Fortress. Under his wing, Fortress real estate department has procured myriads of assets which have seen it become a pacesetter in asset management. Today Fortress oversees assets worth over $43 billion, and even though it has had its share of downs, with leaders like Peter Briger, it has always found its way up.

Besides focusing on his career, Briger is also a man with a big heart and always goes out of his way to help better the lives of the other members of the community. For instance, he contributed a whopping 600 million to assist in the conservation of Central Park and is a member of Silicon Valley leadership council, a charity platform that continuously comes up with initiatives to help better the lives of the needy.

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