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 Qnet Opens a New Chapter of Supply-Chain Management

For a business to generate revenue, there must be a constant flow of goods and services. The faster the goods move from the manufacturers to the consumers, the greater the income generated. As a result, business becomes better. It’s about time organizations dropped the old-fashioned way of supply-chain management and adopted more efficient means like direct sales.

Qnet is an Asia-based company offering direct sale services to clients worldwide. The Company works by eliminating the middlemen and bringing onboard direct-sales agents to speed up the process. As they work hard to help the Company accomplish its goals, the sales agents also earn a living. This kind of operation defines one of Qnet’s primary goals: assisting others in growing.

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The direct selling companies replace intermediaries by enabling the manufactures to sell straight to the end-users. Direct selling offers more advantages as compared to conventional supply-chain management practices. For instance, making direct sales saves time and several resources. As a result, the demand for commodities goes high, leading to the growth of the business. Saving time and other resources also ensure that companies make adequate profits.

Since its inception to date, Qnet has served some of the most respected brands in the world today. For example, the Company became the largest direct-selling partner of Man City FC in 2014. Apart from Manchester City, the Company partnered with Virgin Racing, which is another renowned sports brand. The business engagement took place in 2010 and lasted at least three years.

Besides the sales-oriented partnerships, Qnet supports a range of organizations. For instance, through its RYTHM Foundation, the Company offers significant support to numerous helpless people under the Akshaya Trust.

How Direct Sales and Marketing Works

With this kind of arrangement, there are up to three different levels of marketing. What differentiates each of the levels from another is the scale of operations and the marketing technique. The categories include single, party, and multi-level plans. Website: http://qnetscam.com/

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