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Randal Nardone Continues To Elevate The Fortress Investment Group Even After Its Acquisition By SoftBank

The Fortress Investment Group has been at the forefront of the finance sector since it was officially formed in 1998. However, the power of the people operating behind the company has dramatically contributed to its success. Randal Nardone is a business leader who has excellent leadership hacks that can transform a simple startup to the next level.

The company was co-founded with three principals in the New York who were working together at the Goldman Sachs. The three intended to develop an outstanding financial firm that would become a trendsetter in the financial sector. By 2013, Randal Nardone became the managing director of the company.

Nardone has innumerable management skills that he has acquired while serving in different companies in the United States. He has contributed significantly to the growth and development of Fortress Investment Group, diversifying its presence in different parts of the world. Currently, the company has secured more than one thousand seven hundred investors around the world.

During the analysis done in the past couple of years in New York, the company has $45 billion worth of assets under its management. After the company acquired prominence in the past few years, it was acquired by a Japanese-based financial company known as Softbank. This has been said to be the greatest development stride made by the company since when it was formed.

After the Softbank purchased the financial firm, Randal Nardone continued with his leadership roles at the Fortress investment Group since the acquisition did not have any impact on the board of management. Since the company has offered incredible services for the past few years, it has been in operation; it has gained trust from many clients who it has served.

Randal Nardone has advanced the company’s outreach in the finance sector, making it accommodate private and institutional investors. Fortress Investment Group has also ventured into other investment projects such as real estate and private equity.

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