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Robert Bull Announces That Tim Simmons Will Be RoyaleLife’s New Business Development Director

As of 2021, anybody living in England especially Hampshire and as long as the person has attained 45 years, he/she should know RoyaleLife. Although many youngsters may read about the firm from the news, the fact is the firm under the leadership of Robert Bull is now the epitome among oldies. At the moment, Robert Bull is working towards strengthening the firm. A few days ago, he announced that he has hired Tim Simmons to serve as the company’s Business Development Director. Mr. Simmons comes on board with a rich experience surpassing 30 years all of which has been utilized in the real estate industry.

Early last year, Robert Bull had made another encouraging development RoyaleLife had made. According to the news, the firm had introduced a program dubbed ‘Home Exchange Programme’. Speaking fondly about the program, Robert Bull then said, “This programme that we have started today will see our old clients starting from 45 years and above acquire cheaper homes. We will give them well-furnished bungalows in exchange of their lofty houses that may not have the safety and security standards they deserve. Of course, this will only suit those clients who will be willing to subscribe to the programme.”

In light of what Robert Bull said, RoyaleLife then embarked on buying, building, and furnishing bungalows around Hampshire. Within a short period, the firm announced that they had already furnished enough bungalows for the clients who had requested for the new houses. The new bungalows come with many benefits including around-the-clock security thanks to the gated community, safe place for the aged because bungalows are one-storey buildings, and enough space for the oldies to play with their friends and families. Bull said that in most cases, exchanging an apartment for a bungalow helps the owner remain with lots of money in their pockets.

About Robert Bull: www.f6s.com/robert-bull

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