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Ross Levinsohn Continues To Make Great Strides In His Career

Ross LevinsohnA businessman whose name is synonymous with success, Ross Levinsohn is a mogul through and through. Earning his stripes early on, Levinsohn proved his brilliance from the jump. As a result, he gained many opportunities to diversify his skills. From HBO and Guggenheim Digital Media to Fox Interactive Media and Yahoo, Levinsohn’s worked for numerous renowned businesses. In addition to looking good on his resume, these experiences also gave Levinsohn insight into content marketing, sports writing, event planning, and television production.

As his career advanced, Levinsohn wanted to prove that he had what it took to make it on his own. Using this momentum, he started a strategic advisory firm called Whisper Advisors. Levinsohn’s ability to dominate the entrepreneurial realm made him a highly sought-after businessman. Before long, Levinsohn was playing in the big leagues. While working as the CEO of Sports Illustrated, Levinsohn really made his mark.

When Levinsohn joined Sports Illustrated’s team, the company was facing financial challenges. Levinsohn found several soft underbellies, inspiring him to make changes to the company’s editorial operations, investment strategies, and content production. With these adjustments came higher subscription revenues and, in turn, increased prosperity. What’s more, Sports Illustrated saw a shift in consumer behavior, demonstrating that Levinsohn’s methods reaped substantial rewards.

After parting ways with Sports Illustrated, Levinsohn accepted a position at Maven. This Seattle-based media company owns Sports Illustrated, allowing Levinsohn to make a smooth transition. As the company’s CEO, Levinsohn ensures that Maven is meeting audience expectations by producing quality content. Not only is Levinsohn the CEO of Maven, but he’s also an advisor and investor. With his involvement in so many trades, Ross Levinsohn has taken control of the business realm.

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