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 Seaworld Is Fighting to Save Turtles in Times of Need

SeaWorld works tirelessly to help endangered or threatened animals. Known for their efforts to assist these animals, SeaWorld recently stepped up and helped the animals in need. A sudden change in the weather brought in cold temperatures to the region. Which for turtles, can be deadly as they are not able to adjust to quick changes in temperatures. The water temperature plummeted affecting the turtles. The turtle’s bodies were slowing down from the cold temperatures. As the prolonged cold continued the turtles started to develop hypothermia. They eventually stopped eating. Some turtles couldn’t even move or swim. Many of the turtles started to go into a dormant state which was dangerous and deadly for their safety.

SeaWorld took notice of the turtles in need and undertook an effort to help them. They collected over 300 turtles in a dormant state unable to move. They raced them back to SeaWorld Orlando’s Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center. Staff worked around the clock to care for the turtles to help them survive. Raising the turtle’s body temperature slowly using blankets and heat lamps. They gave the turtles time to adjust naturally as to not shock their systems with sudden heat. SeaWorld was able to save 250 turtles and release them back into the ocean.

Through their hard work, SeaWorld has been able to save even more turtles. Over 130 turtles were impacted by oil spills along the coast. SeaWorld again stepped up to render aid in times of need for the endangered turtles. They were able to remove the turtles and give them the care they needed. The staff treated abnormal tumorous growths. Their efforts gave the turtles a better chance to survive healthy lives in the wild. SeaWorld remains a defender of turtles to help ensure they are able to live productive lives in the wild.

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