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Stephen Bittel Explains How Hard Work Has Enabled Him To Achieve Success In Business

Aching success in any industry is always seen as something that is exclusive to a small number of people while others have been suffering. There is a feeling that the successful group of people has always been lucky in what they have been doing, which explains why they have been able to achieve success while other individuals in the same industry have been struggling to make an impact in the community.

An article entitled “Florida’s Real Estate Investment Mogul Stephen Bittel on the Importance of Urban Retail”, discusses how Terranova Corporation’s CEO, Stephen Bittel’s investment in the urban retail scape has helped to shape the growth of Miami, and surrounding areas.

Stephen Bittel happens to be one of the few people who belong to the successful class of people. His success and growth in the world of business are known by most of the people in the country for very many years. The fact that he has been able to succeed in the real estate industry is a clear indication that he has been very lucky because this is an industry that has more casualties than successful stories.

However, in his entrepreneurship journey, Bittel has always looked to dispel the arguments that he has been a successful person in the real estate industry because he has been lucky. Instead, Stephen has been pushing the argument that he has been very successful in this industry because he has chosen to work hard while other investors in the real estate business have been looking for some of the ways through which they can be lucky in their operations.

Therefore, Stephen Bittel is encouraging people to move away from the perception that they are going to be lucky as they operate in various areas of the business and instead make sure they are working hard on most of the issues they have been handling. Luck always finds those individuals who have been working hard to handle most of the issues in business. Working hard has always been his strategy that he has been using to make a difference in the industry.

Stephen Bittel is the Founder and Chairman of Terranova Corporation. The firm primarily invests in commercial real estate. In 1978, Bittel graduated from Bowdoin College. Then in 1982, he received his law degree from the University of Miami School of Law. See this article to learn more.


More about Bittel on https://billionsuccess.com/stephen-bittel/


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