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Why Chief Economist from SEC encourages people to acquire financial education

The financial department has been undergoing so much transformation in the past decade. Stakeholders in this industry have been moving with the changing trends. Some few individuals have moved well with the trends, but majority of the population still uses the traditional practices. To find success, people have been encouraged to focus on educating themselves concerning the new changes. Training in finance is not similar to what happens in the other section. The education in finance, according to Online Trading Academy, can never be compared to what is offered in other industries. Financial experts in the society are taking the education in finance seriously than ever before. Dr Jeffery Harris has served as the chief economist for the SEC for so many years. While in the Securities and Exchange Commission, Harris discovered that many professionals were underperforming in their financial careers because of the poor education they were getting. Dr Harris has already transformed the lives of many individuals positively when he served at SEC, but he is still looking forward to impact more lives through his public forums.

The former chief economist has always been popular because of his passion for financial education. The leader always asks young and old people to acquire financial education because it is a great financial skill that can change lives. when people register for financial education in facilities such as Online Trading Academy, they expand their participation in the financial markets. Graduates from Online Trading Academy can comfortably work in the public financial markets without having to worry about making costly mistakes. Online Trading Academy has been approved by many people in the society because of the excellent skills it gives to all of its clients. The education materials given by the facility are out of this world, and they equip all of the students with the skills they need.

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