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ShakeologCarl Daikeler’s career has spanned more than 35 years in the health and wellness industry. He started as a producer of exciting halftime shows for the NFL in the 1980s. In the 1990s, a boom in the infomercial industry drew him into the wellness field. He noticed that a lot of the products he made videos for were related to fitness and at-home exercise. He thought that he could make a difference in the lives of people who wanted to lose weight and feel more confident.

Daikeler realized that for a lot of people, shame inhibited their willingness to go to the gym. They didn’t want to be stared or laughed at while exercising. For others, a full daily schedule made it difficult to find the time to go to the gym. Carl Daikeler created BeachBody as a way to make it easy for people to exercise in privacy and without shame. The workout videos included a range of exercises, and they were put on DVD so people could save money and use them any time.

In 2015, BeachBody got an update. It went “on demand” as a subscription service. Subscribers could access the entire set of videos at will. This allowed people to vary their workouts and maintain motivation to exercise on a regular basis. Daikeler also partnered with tech pros to create an app called OpenFit.


The newest part of the BeachBody regimen is Shakeology. Carl Daikeler had noted over the years that a lot of adults have huge nutritional gaps. While most people get far too many calories, they’re lacking in nutrients. A lack of fiber leads to digestive system problems and bigger appetites. Shakeology has 16 grams of protein in each serving. It also has a large amount of fiber, and this combination leads to a sense of fullness.

Vegans can choose Shakeology’s plant-based protein powder. There’s also a whey-based option. The flavors satisfy many appetites, and the options include chocolate, salted caramel, cafe latte, vanilla, strawberry and more. Shakeology can be used to replace a fast food meal, or it can be paired with vegetables at home.

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