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Alddo Molinar: The Determined Anesthesiologist

 Dr. Alddo Molinar is an Anesthesiologist at the East Ohio Regional Hospital as well as the Ohio Valley Medical Center. He was born as the eldest son of two Mexican immigrants, later becoming the first U.S. citizen in his family. At an early age, Alddo Molinar found himself picking up many skills easily and consistently. This allowed for him to meet many different goals and develop for the better. He found joy within tampering with mechanical objects and appliances. This love for mechanical aptitude eventually led him to get skillful with taking apart, and reassembling appliances. 


Dr. Alddo Molinar


He just kept tackling harder and harder projects head on. Later on, Alddo Molinar would turn to medical school due to the need and want to help others. Fueled by his late grandfather and grandmother’s recent passing, he set his sights on learning medical knowledge. Along his whole medical career, his main goal was to make things easier for people who were going through tough times because he too felt what it was like. Alddo Molinar then went to The University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas and came back out with his medical degree years later. He would then take residency at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. There, he met his soon to be wife. After settling down with his soon to be wife, they began moving between residencies. 


They eventually were married and gave birth to two daughters and a son. He refers to his family as a “new crew”.  Realistically, Alddo Molinar never knew exactly where he would end up later on in life, but he surely worked on building the skills and values to be able to establish that once the time came. Alddo Molinar has also explained that even when he was learning mechanical aptitude, he still had his sights set on being a doctor, but just never found the motivation until the passing of his grandparents. He used that as his motivation to learn medical skills and knowledge. He wanted to be able to positively influence the medical world in any way that he could. He used the majority of his early years in life devoting to that entirely.

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