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Assessing Matthew Fleeger’s Gulf Coast Western Sustenance of Local Charities

GCWMatthew Fleeger has joined hands with the Sadie Keller Movement to deliver toys to ailing children over the holidays. Sadie Keller’s life was threatened by several adversities and frustrations, and by relocating to Washington, she wanted to develop positivity out of hardships. At seven years, Sadie Keller was found to have acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

At the hospital, she interacted with some people specializing in certain health concerns. The kids were to spend almost their youthful days in hospitals instead of playgrounds. Sadie Keller wished to boost everyone’s spirits, and so the toy drive ensured that her friends received gifts especially on Christmas day to experience a normal holiday like other kids.

Gulf Coast Western’s union with the Sadie Keller Foundation is not just a typical partnership. Sadie Keller has garnered as many toys as possible to ensure the kids in the hospital over the holiday also enjoy.

Sadie Keller has been doing this since she was diagnosed with cancer at seven years old. Sadie has seen outstanding kindness and support, and Gulf Coast Western is among the highest toys suppliers. Sadie Keller started the foundation in 2018, but before that Matthew Fleeger Dallas was concerned about her and inspired by her fight against cancer.

Matthew Fleeger Dallas has compassion for the physical and emotional effect cancer has on an adult, and could not understand, how a child can endure the emotions and therapies. Therefore, Matthew Fleeger Dallas decided to participate in the foundation and be part of the difference Sadie wants to create.


Fleeger donated $25,000 and supported that by verbally committing to help Sadie Keller in getting beyond the 13,000 toys mark annually by October. The approach behind this mission has metamorphosed severally based on the number of trips made to ensure the donation process succeeds. Some shoppers choose to buy electronics, and others are more specific either to have boys’ or girls’ toys depending on the age groups.

Sarah Keller, Sadie’s mother appreciated Gulf Coast Western for exceeding the imaginable levels by buying quality toys and not necessarily quantity. Having this organization has been beneficial to Keller’s treatment as well as milestone achievements for the foundation.

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