Behind the Scenes of Mark Hauser

A glance into Mark Hauser’s life is full of history, archaeology, anthropology, and the study of slavery amongst the centuries. Graduated from the University of Syracuse with his PhD, Mark Hauser now works as an Associate Professor at a Northwestern school. He has written research and archaeological books along with his continuation of middle eastern studies. Education, hard work, and a passion for history has made Mark Hauser into the person he is today.

In today’s modern world of technology, an interest in 19th century American culture is one to be appreciated. In addition, 18th Century history regarding Indian culture is another subject that is portrayed as a passion by this PhD professor. Slavery, culture, and environmental needs are the foundation for most of his profound work that is now published today. By using his archaeology background, Mark Hauser demonstrates a picture of how situations were caused and solved both geographically and literally. His publications are well known especially amongst college students and present a historical significance from 18th Century to modern day histories.

The Eastern Caribbean is currently his study and involves two different communities now. According to  he also has a background in archaeometry and ethnohistorical methods. This is presently used for his current research studies and with past endeavors for research and publications. The knowledge and dedication to his work is shown in his books and education which continues to show today. Mark Hauser is a well-educated associate professor, archaeologist, and educator that has developed many works of history to inspire others dedicated to history.

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