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  Bobby Kotick Bought Blizzard in 2008

The CEO of Activision, the company that bought Blizzard in 2008 and is responsible for some of the most iconic gaming franchises out there (see: WoW, Overwatch), has resigned amid concerns of an improper relationship with a subordinate. Kotick’s departure will not effect the day-to-day operations at Activision.

The 66 year old executive has been with the company since 1990 and was one of its highest paid CEOs at $13M USD per annum (He made more than Activision’s two next highest paid executives combined). The company plans to replace Kotick by appointing new board members but it’s unclear if they need to appoint someone as CEO or if another executive will be selected.

Activision currently has no plans to replace him, and the company is up 16% in pre-market trading. They hope that they’ll be able to secure a lower tax bracket with his resignation.

It is unclear whether the subordinate employee he was accused of having a relationship… had an improper relationship… has been accused of having or been involved in an improper relationship… had an improper and/or inappropriate relationship with the Activision CEO. We do know that she was employed at Activision, and does not work there anymore.

Kotick is not the only gaming exec to have been accused of inappropriate behavior. Riot Games CEO, and former Activision CEO president, just resigned after it was discovered that he was sending explicit texts to female employees.

He stepped down from his position at Activision in 2008, and became CEO for the newly formed Activision Blizzard in 2013. When asked why he left, he gave vague answers and then had to go because he “forgot something”.

Activision CEO has had a lot of success in recent years thanks to their popular franchises. For example, Call of Duty alone brought in over $15B USD last year but analysts hope that the company will continue doing well even without Kotick’s services. Visit: https://www.yahoo.com/now/letter-ceo-bobby-kotick-regarding-114900098.html

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