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Career Efforts of The Fresh Thinking Group Director, Dave Antrobus

Dave AtrobusDave Antrobus is a director and co-founder of a technology-based and investment organization, Fresh Thinking Group. The Fresh Thinking Group company specializes in helping young struggling businesses and start-up companies achieve their potential. He is a software developer and also creates multiple web platforms for upcoming and growing companies. Dave Antrobus has won several awards for developing several technological products.

The Fresh Thinking Group operates in the UK and Europe and deals with a wide range of interests from e-commerce, logistics and technology. In addition, Dave has also created several online commercial transaction sites for high-end UK clients. He has also held several mentorship programs for teams dealing with software, graphic design and digital marketing projects.

The Fresh Thinking Group company helps only three types of companies worldwide: active, healthy companies willing to grow, vulnerable struggling companies, and start-up potential companies ready to get going. Antrobus attended Bristol University, where he achieved a degree in computer science in 2008. While at the University, Mr Dave he was a mentor for the first-years computer science students.

After completing his studies, Dave joined the Freight Company and the Courier Company. He built and worked with a team of group developers to plan and hold meetings to ensure feedback has been issued in every stage of the developmental process. Additionally, he was appointed as a non-portfolio manager for the computer science society. Dave Antrobus actively participated in several school curriculum activities, such as designing leaflets and posters for the NUS campaigns at Bristol University.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies have been remotely working from home. Dave Antrobus has provided the benefits of remotely working from home, particularly for web and software developers and how to overcome the challenges that come by remotely working from home. Dave Antrobus has come up with a few benefits achieved from working at home.

Some of these benefits include improved productivity from software developers, motivated and happier developers, and appropriate remote tools. Dave Antrobus stated that people typically tend to work better from home and that organizations have reported a 30% increase in work productivity.

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