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 Darien Dash Business Ventures

Darien Dash’s entrepreneurial culture has encouraged many people to venture into business. Darien’s creativity and his ability to convert ideas into viable business opportunities drove his success. When taking his course at Southern California University, Dash developed a strong passion for the tech industry after studying Megatrends. The book widened Dash’s curiosity to venture into tech, but he failed to realize how to venture into it.

Dash and his cousin Damon attended a lunch party in New York. The duo became interested in the music and hatched an idea of starting their music production company. The cousins had grown in a family with an entertainment background and hoped to use their social contacts and family history for marketing Roc-A-Bloc Company. Sylvia Rhome becomes the first company customer. Later the company entered into a contract with upcoming artist Jay-Z who reputation skyrocket, earning Roc–A-Bloc over $100 000 during the first two years of operations.

Although Roc-A Bloc was doing better, Dash’s passion for the tech industry grew, and he withdrew to concentrate his research on the evolving technology industry. Upon his graduation, Dash worked for Digital Music Express to market its cable services. However, the company policy on neglecting the African-American market made him move out and start DMX Interactive Holdings. Dash estimated that the untapped tech market was worth one trillion dollars.

The high technology gap between Hispanics and Non-Hispanic prompted Darien Dash to understate a campaign to close this gap. President Clinton supported tech uptake among the minorities. The campaign strategy used musicians such as Jay-Z and Puff dandy, who had roots with the people, to encourage them to embrace technology. The investor worked closely with AT&T to develop much affordable computers. Dash also worked as a managing director at Precient Acquisition Group and director in other firms.

Darien Dash’s incorporation of Movement Management Advisors is perhaps his most remarkable breakthrough in his career. Dash founded the company in 2015 and a year later established the Dunkin Donuts Franchise Growth Partners. However, the former company has successfully provided financial advice to clients in entertainment, sports, the capital market, and lately, the cannabis industries. Dash attributes his success to his vast years of experience and providing tailor-made solutions to every client’s needs.

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