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Eduardo Sonoda Reveals Key Marketing Trends for 2021

Marketing In 2021

During the past year, many businesses have had to adjust to the effects of the pandemic. With many business closures and limited funds, many companies have had to look for different ways to market their products and services. Marketing experts such as Eduardo Sonoda have revealed the keys to marketing success in today’s business environment.

Factors Affecting Marketing Trends

Today there are four key marketing trends that every business will need to keep in mind. By focusing on these trends, businesses will be in a better position to get more out of their marketing campaigns and reaching their revenue goals during the next year.

The Economy

One of the factors that businesses need to consider is the economy. During the past year, the economy experienced a deep recession which created a lot of hardship for businesses and consumers. In order to market more effectively, businesses will need to keep up to date on the current economic conditions so that they can better accommodate consumers and other businesses that they work with.


Businesses need to also consider their competition. With the economy in the midst of a recovery, there will be more consumer activity. However, competition for business will also be intense at times. As a result, businesses will need to find ways to offer incentives to consumers to continue making purchases from them.


Another factor that businesses will need to consider is the demographics of their customers. Businesses will need to find out more about things such as location, income and preferences in order to better market their products and services during the next year. By considering demographics, businesses will be in a better position to meet the needs of their customers and clients in the future.

Profile of Eduardo Sonoda

Eduardo Sonoda is a longtime executive and professional in the marketing industry. He has over a decade of experience in helping businesses find the best ways to promote their products and services to consumers. Today, he is the marketing advisor and chief executive officer of his own advisory firm Eduardo Sonoda Advisory. Under his leadership, his firm has established itself as one of the most trusted in helping businesses find the best ways to manage marketing campaigns that get them the best possible results.

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