Eric Lefkofsky Introduces new Diseases of Focus to Tempus

Tempus is one of the latest ventures of Eric Lefkofsky. While AI-powered companies are on a constant rise, Eric has tried to find ways to maintain uniqueness in the industry. For this reason, he has ensured that Tempus company is focused on using all the data possible when conducting a diagnosis. The primary focus of Tempus as a medicine company was cancer; over time, the company, under the guidance of Eric Lefkofsky, has decided to focus on other conditions like cardiology, infectious diseases, and mental health. 


He has described the mentioned diseases as among the deadliest diseases worldwide. Further, the company intends to include diabetes in its diseases of focus. To actualize all its aspirations and cater to the new diseases, Tempus, led by Eric Lefkofsky, is bound to spend an estimated 200 million USD. From the beginning, Eric Lefkofsky knew to meet Tempus’s goals; the company had to spend a huge amount of money. So far, Eric has managed to make an individual investment of 100 million USD. 


The company has also engaged various investors, among them being Google, which will be the primary holder of patient data on its cloud. Since Tempus intends to solve complex situations that arise from life sciences, the company has attracted many big investors. Tempus, which has been in business since 2015, is regarded as a company that has greatly made the diagnosis of cancer a personal agenda. The company is at the forefront of ensuring that doctors get all the help they need in giving the correct prescriptions.


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