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Georgette Mulheir is an intriguing woman who has been recognized worldwide for her efforts to fight for individuals’ rights. She is very passionate about securing human rights, especially that of children. She is majorly known as an activist for children’s rights; under this are programs which she takes charge of and has had a positive impact on society at large. This is because, in the pursuit of defending children on their rights, Georgette Mulheir has saved over 15,000 lives belonging to children. Georgette is also recognized for being a significant influence of positive change. Apart from this, she is an inventor plus an author. 


She is the author of four books that talk of women’s rights plus children’s rights. The state of Haiti has been identified to have a lot of problems that have affected them negatively. Georgette Mulheir has said that the leading cause of the misfortunes is the leadership itself. Haiti’s government comprises the president who heads the state plus the prime minister who runs in the government department. Both of them share in the exercising of executive power. The president has embraced the dictatorship kind of rule, and its citizens are seriously suffering significant consequences. The president has done away with things like parliament, which are essential to do away with any chance of rebellion from the minor leaders. 


As if that is not enough, The government has merged with illegal squads, which can be attributed to the numerous kidnappings and violence. The government is using violence to instill fear in the netizens of Haiti to prevent rebellion. Innocent protestants who carry out peaceful demonstrations are ruthlessly killed. A program known as Defend Haiti’s Democracy, whereby Georgette Mulheir is the spokesperson, has been formed. When the situation has proven to be getting out of hand, she  has taken that step towards making Haiti a better place once more. In the process, Georgette Mulheir discovered ongoing child trafficking in Haiti. Other than this, there are quite a several illegal dealings taking place as well. She, therefore, has the objective of making the citizens feel safe again in their land and come up with a system that will support and secure the rights of each citizen belonging to Haiti.


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