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Hauser Insurance Insights on Tax Liability Insurance

Hauser Insurance Group is a private insurance company that offers risk and employee benefits analysis to businesses. The Insurance company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and has been operational for over five decades now. Over the years, Hauser’s consultative approach and the ability to evaluate the risks unique to each enterprise has progressed the delivery of first-rate insurance solutions. As businesses partner to create a merger to pool resources together and advance productivity, both parties must do their due diligence, especially on tax liability. Also, while executing high-value enterprise acquisitions, tax liability Insurance is essential, and Hauser Insurance, a leader in insurance solutions, has committed to shedding light on its importance in businesses dealings.

Hauser points out that Tax Liability Insurance can protect the seller from potential legal liability. Essentially, Tax Liability Insurance can act in place for the RWI policy. It also protects the buyers during acquisitions and M&A transactions. Hauser Insurance emphasizes that sellers who expect a merger or acquisitions can seek the Tax Liability Insurance for the known risks to heighten the buyer’s confidence in the transaction. In addition, Tax Liability Insurance can be used in the event of an IRS audit when postponement of compensation takes effect. Hauser Insurance asserts that Tax Liability Insurance is primarily intended to cover loss items, including taxes, related tax interests, and penalties.

To calculate the premiums for the tax Liability Insurance, one has to multiply the desired coverage by the rate on line provided by the underwriter. However, one has to avail a detailed tax analysis with a summary of all relevant facts to the underwriter to access the tax liability quotation. When the underwriting process for the tax liability insurance commences, the applicant must pay a non-refundable fee to the underwriter. Hauser Insurance says that the demand for Tax Liability Insurance is on the rise as enterprises and taxpayers continue to heighten the complexity of their business transactions.

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