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Heath Ritenour Opens Up on His Battle with Cancer and How the Experience Made Him a Perfect Leader

Heath Ritenour is a great American Entrepreneur and philanthropist. The Insurance Office of America CEO and Chairman has had a unique experience with cancer. How Mr. Heath considers cancer is something that no one else has ever done before. Cancer is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous diseases in the world today. The monster claims millions of lives annually.

But despite everything, Heath Ritenour holds that being diagnosed with cancer turned him into someone better than before. Before the killer disease had knocked at his door, Heath used to be a considerably healthy man. He was perfect both medically and emotionally. The Chief Executive Officer of IOA was a renowned basketball player who used to go to the court and enjoyed participating on numerous occasions.

Then came the fateful day when he began feeling some pain in the groin. At first, Heath Ritenour believed it was a normal strain that would go away after a few days. Surprisingly, the pain persisted, forcing him to go to the hospital. Cancer was nowhere in his mind, but the diagnosis proved him wrong. The diagnosis revealed that Mr. Heath had a cancerous tumor, and was immediately put on chemotherapy.

But like anyone else would have done, the Insurance Office of America CEO believed everything was ending. Heath Ritenour felt like giving up on his dreams because he knew most cancer victims don’t usually live for long. But a fellow cancer patient he met during one of his chemotherapy sessions changed his life forever.

Like Heath, the guy had a family, children, and a successful business. The only difference was that the guy had been told that he would be on chemotherapy for the rest of his life if he wanted to remain alive. This revelation is what turned Heath Ritenour into a new man. He felt very grateful to God because his case was better. Mr. Ritenour had been informed that he had a 90% chance of surviving.

The American entrepreneur felt so happy because he would see his kids grow and do more to his business. According to Heath, cancer taught him to open up, understand other people’s problems, and above all, to respect and trust God more than he did before. Today, he’s still alive and continuing to transform the lives of many people into success stories.

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