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How the Hauser Insurance Organization Plan to Combat Cyber Risk

As the world continues combating the COVID-19 pandemic, our economy, lifestyles, and education systems have dynamically shifted to meet the protocols put in place to curb the spread. However, the economy is gradually reopening as people adhere to the health protocols. That pandemic has taught us the lesson that we need always to be prepared for known threats. Hauser Insurance cautions many businesses to deploy an appropriate mechanism that manages prevailing risk and develops outstanding mitigation to their data security. Statistics show that the average cost of breaching specific data surpasses $1 million and pulls along with employee benefits, insurance solutions partners, and service risk management.

Hauser Insurance offers professional resources and support through its consultative program and assists companies in utilizing their insurance coverage. The organization has specialized in analyzing how cyber risk occurs and provides the solution to avoid future occurrences. Since the pandemic has caused many changes in the economy, cybercrime has increased globally. That uncertainty has led to a significant rise in cybercrime. The pandemic forced many businesses to work remotely, resulting in changes in residential networks and dependency on personal devices. It has led to unauthorized users freely accessing specific company’s systems and exploiting data from their systems without traces.

Most businesses have been exposed to inefficient information technology devices, inadequate data protection, and immature data governance during the pandemic. According to the cyber risk reports, the ransomware attacks increased by approximately 40 percent, specifically during its first and foremost three quarters in 2020 than the same period back in 2019. Hauser Insurance company conveys through Coevaware that business firms located around the United States are the most targeted. Its website shows that more than 60 percent of attacks are aimed at small businesses and medium ones.

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