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Jake Medwell discusses the future of automated trucks

The future of automated technology seems to be approaching faster and faster, and this caused a discussion to breakout among experts. Two of these experts, Jake Medwell, who is a founding partner of 8vc, and Loren A Smith Jr., who is the president of skyline policy risk group, did a podcast for FreightWaves. The conversation looked at the various aspect of Automation as it is entering society and how it could impact the trucking industry.

In the FreightWave podcast, they began by discussing the fact that Automation has come far and just how fast it is going. They also discuss the potential impact that it could have, so this has gotten regulators interested in the technology. With this interest, it has led some policymakers and regulators to take steps to further examine and, therefore, slightly slow down the process.

The discussion went on to discuss that even with these slowdowns, the implementation of automated driving trucks will be present by 2030. Even further than that, Jake stated that fully automated trucks will exist by 2040 that might not even need people at all. He states that one of the reasons that this is being reexamined is the impact that it could have on the job market.

They closed out the conversation on whether this technological progression would or even be halted by those who don’t want it. In the end, though, they said that it is really up to people to decide whether or not this technology will go forward and how soon.

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