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 Kevin Seawright Explains How To Make Your Dream of Purchasing A New Home Come True

Conducting research is important when purchasing a home. Once you find your ideal home, you need to find the best lender and understand your mortgage application. Your lifestyle and budget are also important considerations. Help is available when the time comes to negotiate your rates.

In addition to the guide created by Kevin Seawright, as a visionary financial advisor,  specializes in money markets.  understands dramatic changes occurring during the last decade due to capitalism and updates investors regarding the most effective methods to negotiate mortgage rates. Read more

According to Kevin Seawright, understanding how your score is used by lenders enables you to receive the best rate. Each lender has different eligibility requirements and formulas. Mortgage lenders take many factors into consideration such as total current debt, income to debt ratio, payment history and employment.

Several agents should be interviewed prior to selecting a brokerage firm. Research should include online reviews and client references. Find out how many clients are represented by the brokerage annually and determine the number of sales. Just as  understands changes in the industry, you should know which agents are advocates for buyers purchasing their first home.

Kevin Seawright recommends finding agents offering assistance with grants, down payment relief, tax breaks and loan programs offering low-interest rates. Payment assistance can save you more than $17,000. Make certain you purchase a home in your preferred location since upgrades can always be completed later.

He also recommends purchasing a home warranty package for unexpected repairs. Your warranty should cover electronics, appliances, improper installation, systems including solar energy, water filtration and normal aging. Being prepared enables you to enjoy purchasing a new home.

Look at homes in your preferred area and target range. Spend time dreaming about decorating your home and all of the options available to make your dreams come true. Learn more: https://www.res1.net/welcome-new-residentialone-team-members/kevin-seawright/

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