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Larry Baer SF Giants CEO Fosters A Champion Spirit

Larry Baer is one of the leaders in the world of sports. He began his career working in professional sports during the 1990’s. By 2012, the visionary would become Chief Executive Officer for the San Francisco Giants. As a native of California, he’d long been a fan of the Major League Baseball team. Upon graduating from the University of California Berkeley and Harvard, Baer worked in the media industry for CBS Broadcasting Inc.

Within one year of Larry Baer taking over as CEO, the San Francisco Giants won their second World Championship in just a few years. They would again win another Championship two season later. Oracle Park has been tabbed as one of the best parks ever built by sports fans. Giants CEO oversaw the construction of Oracle and it was opened during the 2000 season. Sports Business Journal named it Facility Of The Year in 2008.

In addition to aiding the SF Giants with many successes, he is also the CEO of Giants Development Services. This sector focuses on developing urban neighborhoods in the area of Oracle Park. Once the current project is done, there will be more than 1000 new residential units and 1 million square feet of office space.

An average day for the Giants CEO begins at 6am with exercising, breakfast, and reading through newspapers. By sticking to a strict schedule, the SF Giants CEO stays productive and starts each workday with a clear mind. Sundays are family days for the SF Giants CEO. It’s important to keep those relationships successful as well; and time is needed to do so.

Being fully committed to the task at hand is one of the main reasons for Baer’s success. In a recently published interview, he says that approaching tasks on a personal level helps bring his ideas and plans to life.Watch this video for more information.


More about Larry Baer on https://news.yahoo.com/reopening-california-sf-giants-ceo-064408995.html

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