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LifeWave Reviews, Awards & opportunity

LifeWave is a popular health technology company.

There are many positive LifeWave reviews out there.

In one review, a woman said LifeWave products were able to help reduce her husband’s chronic pain.

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Another reviewer raved about the company’s patented X39 patch helping him get his life back due to less pain and having more energy as a result of using it.

A third reviewer mentioned that the pain and stiffness in their hand were lessened as a result of using X39.

These are only a handful of the many positive LifeWave reviews.


Not only does LifeWave have plenty of satisfied customers, but the company has been the recipient of many awards. LifeWave received the DSO Ethos Award in 2015.

This was for their commitment to product innovation.

The company also received a Small Business Spotlight Award from California Miramar University.

The International Observatory Discomfort Award, which is a society that recognizes those who aid in relieving suffering around the globe.

In 2009, LifeWave received the award.

Asides from awards, they have received a number of patents.

This includes patents for Theta Nutrition and Biomolecular Wearable Apparatus.


LifeWave offers people an opportunity.

The opportunity is for them to become a distributor, which means they can get paid when they sell LifeWave’s products.

You can also make money by sponsoring people on your downline.

When a person becomes a distributor, they’ll have access to an array of support. This includes training videos, webinars, and order fulfillment.

They receive customer support, an online back office, and much more.

The company is dedicated to helping its distributors succeed.

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