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Mahmoud Khattab CEO of Precision MD

Mahmoud Khattab graduated from the University of Damascus in Syria in 1993. He completed his residency at Case Western Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio in 2007. He also practised as an internist at the Marshall Clinic in Wisconsin. This experience led him to become the medical director at the Dickinson County Hospital through 2011.

Khattab and his compassion for his patients has led him to become one of the leading doctors in the Elk Grove area of California. He believes, as an internist, he can provide better care for the patients he sees. Being an internal medicine physician enables him to provide the latest medical therapies, preventative care, and the latest health education to his patients. He works closely with Methodist Hospital of Sacramento as well as Sutter Hospital and can admit his patients to both when needed.

Mahmoud Khattab is also the CEO of Precision MD founded in 2012. The facility is a health and wellness centre that offers a wide range of innovative treatments specialized to individual needs. Khattab’s extensive medical background and expertise allow him to staff the facility with the best health and wellness professionals in the area. Precision MD treats everyone with dignity and respect from the moment you walk through the door.

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