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 Marwan Kheireddine Has Publicly Advocated for Lebanon's Economic Growth.

Lebanese banker Marwan Kheireddine talks about what’s next for Lebanon regarding its economy and how it’s another problem that Lebanon has faced. Kheireddine says he’s encouraged the private sector to help and not focus on the government only, as this has been the source of many of Lebanon’s problems in the past.

Kheireddine adds that Lebanon needs to emphasize the private sector and its youth, which could improve its future. Marwan Kheireddine says he’s encouraging the private sector in Lebanon to help with the nation’s faltering economy and his youth, who he believes could lead to a better future.

The banking expert Marwan Kheireddine is an outspoken figure in Lebanese society. The lack of banking infrastructure is a large issue that affects the economic security of Lebanese citizens. A 2017 study by the African Development Bank found that in 2016-17, out of Lebanon’s 5th and 6th class population, only 1/5 had access to a bank account with credit cards.

In an interview published on the Forbes Middle East website, Marwan Kheireddine talked about his homeland of Lebanon and what could improve its economy. Kheireddine says he still feels the need for the private sector and believes that the government should put more emphasis on the private sector.

Kheireddine is also a passionate advocate of the Black Economy. The entrepreneur founded his business trading in cyber security and alternative energy, now a mainstay in Lebanon’s corporate sector. One of his primary goals is to ensure every child in Lebanon has access to a computer.

“It’s the only true way to work,” Kheireddine says. “There’s no other way to earn money.” “The private sector is growing in Lebanon. Marwan Kheireddine has been speaking out against these issues and clarifying that Lebanon needs to improve its economy. He is one of the few politicians in Western Asia who has openly discussed ways his country could improve its economy.

Kheireddine outlined the need for Lebanon to progress on its own and stay competitive in the global market. “If you want to solve the problems of our people, you have to work with the private sector. The government has to reduce the public sector and put more money into the private sector,” Kheireddine said.

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