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Robinson Helicopter Continues to Satisfy, Innovate after nearly 5 Decades

Robinson HelicopterFounded in 1973 and given its namesake, Frank Robinson established a helicopter company with the vision of producing high quality, low-cost helicopters. Six years later, their first helicopter was released, giving them a foothold in the flight school and private ownership sector. The innovation continued thereafter, incorporating larger, more efficient engines as well as larger cabins. It was not long before news stations and law enforcement entities caught wind of the innovation and low acquisition cost coming out of their Torrance, CA factory.

Robinson Helicopter has created their own set of strict guidelines (link) for safety both in their products and at their production plants. They have stayed up to date with all FAA regulations to ensure their helicopters come with the peace of mind that all pilots and passengers alike have come to expect. On top of that, Robinson Helicopter has been able to keep production costs lower by manufacturing many of the components for their helicopters in-house. They employ skilled operators to run Computer Aided Design (CAD) machines that can create many of the numerous parts needed to assemble one of their immensely popular helicopters.

When customers purchase a vehicle from this company, they do so with the peace of mind knowing they can bring their machine in for factory overhaul at the original factory or any number of certified service centers or dealerships across the world. Nowhere does this show more than a recent article which highlighted one of Robinson Helicopter’s longest-produced models – the R66 Turbine – surpassed one million flight hours without a single reported engine failure. Another milestone recently achieved by the company was the delivery of its 13,000th helicopter . It was their latest R44 model which included a full suite of technology like their lithium-ion battery, heated seats, cockpit camera, and even autopilot.

Robinson Helicopter

Robinson Helicopter is a well-established company that prides themselves on upholding the highest standards in civil helicopter manufacture, sales, and safety. They keep a base of highly-trained craftsmen and flight instructors to offer a full complement of services to new and existing customers. Keeping the business within the family has helped to establish a legacy for future generations of Robinsons to uphold. For more information, please visit their website.

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