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Ross Levinsohn Brings 36 Years of Experience with Him to New Role as Maven CEO

Ross LevinsohnAs a single-platform digital service provider to more than 300 leading brands, Maven required a CEO with extensive industry experience and a solid track record to lead it. In August 2000, Maven selected Ross Levinsohn to serve as Chief Executive Officer. With 36 years of exceptional industry experience and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from American University, Levinsohn’s resume speaks for itself.

After graduating from college in 1985, Levinsohn paid his dues in progressively more advanced positions in the media and technology space before he landed the role of Director of Production and Marketing at HBO in 1990. While he had considerable influence over a segment of the industry through this position, his influence expanded greatly over the years as he continued to progress through his successful career. Following the time he spent at HBO, Ross Levinsohn served as General Manager for Alta Vista and as President for Fox Interactive Media. In the latter position, he wielded influence over IGN, FoxNews.com, Fox.com and FoxSports.com.

The progression of his career enabled him to continue growing as a leader in media technology. Some of the other companies that he held high-level positions at over the years included Whisper Advisors, Guggenheim Digital Media, The Boston Consulting Group, Thryv and Tribune Publishing. While at these leading companies, he collectively had control over entities like the Baltimore Sun, the New York Daily News, AdWeek, Dick Clark Productions, the Hollywood Reporter, the Clio Awards, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and the Film Expo Group.

Now that Ross Levinsohn is Chief Executive Officer for Maven, he offers essential services to brands like Ski Magazine, History.com, Maxim and others. With Levinsohn’s profound success in his field and with his tenacity to embrace progression and innovation, he is a professional to watch in the years to come.

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