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Royal Holiday Foundation – Vacations for All

A dream vacation is an event that everyone should have the opportunity to experience, but there are many who, unfortunately, do not have the resources for this luxury. The Royal Holiday Foundation is a non-profit civil organization that sponsors a vacation for various groups who would otherwise not have the privilege.

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The groups that benefit from the vacation for all benefits include children from urban areas with little or no influence or power; people with disabilities; children living in prison; women and children survivors of cancer; exemplary young students; people who were once visually impaired, but who regained their sight; and families in need. The mission of the Royal Holiday Foundation is “to improve the quality of life and emotional health of people living in vulnerable conditions through holiday experiences.”

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The Royal Holiday Foundation was established because the founders believed that taking a vacation holiday was vital for proper development. They create vacation experiences that leave a positive impact on people. The initiative of the organization is to promote better physical and mental health, reinforce good values and habits, and to encourage self-love and respect.

More than half the people in Mexico live below the poverty level, which makes it difficult for them to view vacations as a genuine need for their overall development. The Royal Holiday Foundation offers vacation programs that accommodate the needs of the people receiving them. The vacation packages are all-inclusive, which means that lodging at the Park Royal Hotel and Resort chain is part of the experience. The vacation for all movements also organizes camps for children where learning and fun are the focus for them and their moms. The worldwide network has fulfilled vacation dreams for 30 years.

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