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Ryan Bishti is the Founder of Cirque le Soir

Ryan Bishti is the Founder of Cirque le Soir, the World’s most exclusive nightclub. Read on to learn how you can get in, what it is like and why you should visit.

There is no shortage of things to do in London, but if you want an experience that will blow your mind and make sure everyone knows about it, you need to go clubbing at Cirque le Soir. Opened just one year ago, ‘Cirque le Soir’ has rapidly become well-known for its lavish décor, its world-class DJs, and A-list celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, who’ve all visited the venue. Here’s everything you need to know about this extraordinary club.

The Venue

Cirque le Soir is spread over two floors, with a bar on each level and a VIP area situated in the very top corner of the club. As soon as you arrive, it is clear that this place is unique – in a good way – with its extravagant décor and avant-garde atmosphere. As you walk down the stairs into the central part of the club, which has been developed by award-winning designer Adam Tihany, who was given free rein to create his vision of what a nightclub should look like.

The Rooms

There are four rooms, each with its distinct theme and atmosphere. The first room is an Oriental-themed bar where you can sip on a cocktail from the world-famous cocktail list and watch the opening act perform. Next door is the ‘Dungeon’ which has a rustic, intimate atmosphere, and you can get up close and personal with your date or friend in this incredibly intimate setting. There is also a pole, just for the show, but it looks pretty impressive. If you are feeling bold enough to want to be up on stage, then this is your room.

The basement is the third room, which houses a set of monitors and an exceptional old-fashioned DJ deck where you can also dance to the music. The last room is generally known as the ‘Library,’ but I will let you discover that for yourself when you visit. Each room has unique features, such as a bar, seating areas, and music.

The Music

Cirque le Soir has a big reputation for bringing in some of the best DJs and playing good quality music on both floors to ensure everyone can have an unforgettable time.

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