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Surviving After the Pandemic by John Ritenour

The global pandemic has hit businesses so much, and people are forced to work remotely. Companies have, therefore, a challenging moment trying to cope with things. Working remotely is quite tricky for some organizations, but John Ritenour shares several advantages of working from home. He thinks that with time, people will embrace the new orders and work without losing business. John Ritenour has discussed how individuals benefit from working remotely. He focuses on employers, employers, and the world at large. Every sector has its benefits.

How Employers Benefits From Working Remotely

Most employers have not yet accepted that it is possible to work remotely. They think that employees can only become productive when they work on-site. John Ritenour, the founder of the Insurance Office of America, thinks otherwise. He has decided to share his knowledge about how it would benefit them. Employers save on overhead costs that include renting an office, parking fees, and all other operational costs.

Also, when their employees are managed from home, they tend to become more productive because someone will be on his own trying to impress their supervisors. Go Here for related Information.

How Employees Benefit From Working Remotely

Employees, on the other side, are the biggest beneficiaries. When they work from their houses, they become innovative and productive because they work when their brains are fresh. Commuting to the office every morning has been a very serious challenge to these people, and therefore when they get a chance to work from home, they save on car maintenance costs, fuel, and time spent while commuting.

How the World Benefits

When most people work from home, the world will also be the biggest beneficiary. Reduced traffic on the road makes them passable when only there is a need. Otherwise, people have been wasting time moving from one office to the other. Today they have managed to embrace technology, and meetings are currently held online.

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