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The SeaWorld Partnership That Will Save the White Shark from Extinction

SeaWorld has teamed up with OCEARCH, a nonprofit organization, to study shark reproduction. Dr. Gisele Montano will carry out the research and go for a research expedition on the Atlantic Ocean to study the behaviors of the wild.

Dr. Montano mainly specializes in sharks’ reproduction and various aspects of their overall wellbeing. He recently explained that they combine the study of shark reproduction and combine it with various information they have compiled over the years and assume the animals’ overall health.

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She said over the years, they have sampled several animals, and it’s easy for them to generate an estimate of the population of the species. Over the years, Dr. Montano has gathered and examined various sharks’ species. The research at SeaWorld has ensured she has a broad understanding and skills of all sharks.

In a recent expedition carried by Dr. Montana and some of her colleagues, they collected over 20 shark species. The samples collected will help them develop ways to help them protect various endangered shark species, specifically the white shark. For now, their primary focus is to protect sharks’ mating grounds, the nurseries, and the breeding areas to increase the survival rate of the young ones.

Dr. Montana will also focus on figuring out if Carolina Waters are the mating areas for the great white shark. Statistics from previous research where the white sharks were tagged showed that white sharks spend a considerable part of their lives in the Coast and North Carolina. Currents and water temperature in the region are ideal, and there is plenty of food for the sharks.

SeaWorld and OCEARCH’s partnership has lasted for five years. They both prioritize educating children and adults on the basics of marine life and the benefits of conserving marine life. They both will continue with the research to protect the shark species and ensure the sharks’ continuity.

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