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Video Shopping with droppTV!

If you see and you want it, then go ahead and buy it instantly! DroppTV is a shopping, streaming platform for fashion, music, and other social nods. This entertainment solution helps to bring brands and artists together where they can sell their own products under the guise of dropping it like its hot or “dropps.”

The first droppTV rollout will feature music videos, whereby fans can click in real-time the video they want to buy. Any global artist-branded products featured can be instantly purchased like streetwear footwear and clothing noted in the music video.

Shopatainment is a new term that describes the droppTV platform. This debut video will come from New York’s rapper Kid Daytona and producer Harry Fraud to help promote their upcoming album. DroppTV as a live shopping success is the vision of its CEO and Founder, Gurp Rai.

Gurp Rai is an international financier in the field of global sports gear and fashion. He is a leader in the global carbon market, cryptocurrency, and is involved in several charity organizations.

Yes, digital shopping ideas have been tried before. But with technological advancements, success came through droppTV for both brand artists and consumers.

Shopatainment is the success of artificial intelligence where consumers need only tap and select the item they wish to purchase on any multimedia streaming content.

DroppTV is partnering with Agenda Shows. Shopatainment purchases through music videos are just the beginning. These seamless entertainment purchasing platforms will expand quickly into other industries.

Currently, consumers can simply watch droppTV and make purchases on their smartphone, desktop computer, or tablet. Yes, droppTV will soon be available on AppleTV. Currently, its app is available on iOS followed by Android.

Since its launch, droppTV has received the attention of artists like Ashanti, A$AP Mob’s A$AP TyY, and many others. DroppTV also has a global attraction from famous brand names including Roland, Vero Moda, LG, Zanerobe, and COOGI, just to name a few.

Live retail shopping is now under the same umbrella at droppTV with products featured in streaming, commerce, and entertainment platforms, all with just a tap. It has created a culture of direct and authentic merchandising on a worldwide scale.

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