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 Vijay Eswaran Continues to Innovate at the Highest Level

Vijay Eswaran is the founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. He is an internationally renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author of numerous leadership books. The four pillars of leadership are purpose, values, vision, and emotions. This article will discuss what each pillar means and offer insights for leaders who want to learn from Vijay’s experiences with these concepts to become a better leaders.

  1. QI Group of Companies

QI is a global company with multiple business groups, including leading lifestyle brands. As a global business leader, Vijay’s vision for QI is to become a “global lifestyle company” synonymous with success. It creates endless opportunities for people to realize the best in themselves. Through his holistic leadership philosophy and clarity of purpose, Vijay has decided to focus on improving the quality of life by developing products that positively impact society.

  1. Purpose

Vijay Eswaran states that purpose can be defined as “the why” of a leader or a company. A good leader always focuses on the purpose of their leadership – why they want to lead and the organization’s purpose – why it exists. Having a clear purpose makes one focus on what is essential for the organization, how to achieve its goals, how to serve its customers, and how to ensure that everything aligns with its primary objectives.

  1. Leadership

The concept of leadership requires the ability to inspire people, understand them, and decide how to shape their behavior. Vijay teaches that leaders need to be decisive and concentrated because only a leader can make the big calls for the company. Leaders should also identify the potential of others, communicate this potential and also enable them to develop it.

  1. Values

Values are the core beliefs and principles at the very heart of a company, which define its culture and guide the behavior of its leaders and employees. Vijay Eswaran emphasizes that values are important because they “make us who we are .”Thus, leaders should be true to themselves and their values. People tend to follow their leaders, so if the leader is not proper to their values, it will hurt the followers’ behavior.

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